My Perspective On Being Natural

So I’ve only been natural for 3 weeks (Yeah I know I’m a newbie) but in that short period of time my outlook on multiple things have changed so much! Besides eating differently, trying new styles clothing and hair wise, and fully embracing all of me with no chemical restraints. I have had to deal with hearing other people’s personal opinions of my hair, which to be honest I’m growing to careless about.

People for some reason do not like to see other people happy and what’s even worse is, people still are stuck on the idea that beauty is everything that media portrays. Since majority of african american women in today’s media don’t wear their hair natural, I assume that being natural too many is still a culture shock. And it shouldn’t be!

Besides being called Erykah Badu and being segregated as far as good hair and bad hair goes, I have been asked:

Why I would chop off all of my hair?

Do I have to wear a du- rag to sleep?

How am I going to wear my hair after its grown out?

and even Why would I cut my hair if guys like long straight hair?


The first and third question are reasonable but the second and last are obsurd!

I am not a guy and I am not working on maintaining a wave pattern. In addition, my hair is longer then a typical ceaser cut so a du- rag is irrelevant.

And as far as guys liking longer straighter hair. I’ve grown out of the idea of hair making a person because it doesn’t. Regardless of whether you have long tresses or your bald, your still the same person inside and out. Hair is just another thing like make up that can enhance one’s beauty. If a guy or any person for that matter doesn’t accept you or want to be with you because of your hair then you don’t need them! ITS SIMPLE!

No one else can love you more then you love yourself!

If a person is looking for others to give them their opinion for personal satisfaction, then they truly haven’t accepted themselves who they are which is very important.

If your all natural love your hair for what god created it to be!

If your hair is permed, find methods that best suit you!

And if your someone who just did your BIG CHOP, find confidence in your new look and make it work for you!

Think Happy Headed not Nappy Headed : )



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