I’m home but I’m not here

By here I mean mentally. I enjoy being home but after being away at college part of me is still back there. I can’t help but to be attached to a place I practically lived for 6 months. I’ve connected with awesome people that in many cases I developed close friendships with. I’m thinking maybe I’m too independent. Honestly, If i had the money and stable job right now while being in school part time, I would try and get my own place. I’m sure I’m not the only person that thinks that at 19 but it is what it is! I just don’t want to be home. I want my own space and sometimes coming home to my room isn’t enough. 

My mom told me the other day I seemed distant. There’s nothing more for me to say than I miss my friends and transitioning from college to home is bitter sweet agony. Its only been about 2 and half weeks that I’ve been back and that’s the sad part. 


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