Oh brother give me a break!

So there’s this guy in town. I have never, let me repeat that NEVER, had anything with him. It has always been a simple hi and goodbye if that. Both his cousins tried to talk to me and now he’s trying. If I don’t respond to your fb messages, fb instant messages, tweets or to any other way you attempt to contact me, that should tell you something! I have never given him any reason to think I’d want him. I AM NOT INTERESTED! Even when I had a boyfriend I definitely was not interested. I really am trying to comprehend why this guy will not get what is clearly photographed in front of his face. Maybe he thinks because I’m nice, he can just keep trying and I’ll give in.. I don’t know. But whatever he’s thinking its not going to cut it! He is far off from anyone I would ever date or mess with. He’s not attractive to me, too skinny, not doing anything with his life, the list continues. Its always the ones you could careless about that want to bow down and slobber all over your feet. EEEKK!


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