6/26/11 RIP JM

Today was a day! Waking up to bad news is never good. One of my friends passed away from high school in a really bad car accident. The crazy thing is I had just seen her the other day. She had crept up on me while I was sitting in my car and tried to scare me. We exchanged a few laughs and her new number and agreed we’d hang out soon. She was always a joy to see, big smile and had such a great spirit. It just seems so unreal to me, I was just with her brother the night before last, chillin at a party. I have so many memories from high school of her from being in the same math class: eating snacks & never being on time, to her giving me shout outs in the cafe and hallways calling me, “big bootie jas” haha, down to living down the street from each other and a list of other funny stories. She was just all around a great individual! It is so sad to see another person around my age that I know gone so soon. It seems like someone has passed away every year since 09’. My prayers are with her family! She will truly be missed and never forgotten!


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