For every high there’s a low: My eyes burn

Part of it is from being in a chlorine filled atmosphere on most days ( lifeguarding & swim instructing sucks at times) and then the other half is probably from me balling my eyes out. I haven’t cried in a while! I’ve always been the strong person that tries to weather any storm and help other people stay afloat but today, I sank. And honestly, I didn’t want anyone to save me, I just needed to be to be myself and let everything built up, out. I have so many thoughts that run rapidly through my mind on a daily basis. I spend so much time journaling and over thinking. I don’t even think my closest friends know about how much I write. Three things I find that relax me; writing, swimming and nature. Those three things alone are my peace. However, regardless of the excessive tear shed, my spirit seems more mellow than earlier. Let’s see what today brings!


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