Acts of Faith

——-JULY 5th——-

If you are willing to deal with the past, you can make the moment you are in rich.- Oprah Winfrey

We are products of our past, The environment of our childhood. For those of us who had painful childhoods, we are determined to get away from our memories. We cannot. Our past is a part of our tomorrow. We carry it in our hearts. We model what we saw, heard and experienced as children. It is called a pattern. We do what was done to us. We behave the way we saw others behave. Unwittingly, with a great deal of denial, we repeat the physical, emotional and mental patterns set by our families. The only way to stop the cycle, to break the pattern, is to go back and deal with the pain. We must relive the memories before we can erase them. We must confront the people in our minds and say now what we could not say then. We must explore the feelings, unpack the guilt and free ourselves from the baggage we picked up at home.

Read this, say this and mean this:

The buck stops with me.


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