Acts of Faith

——JULY 7th——

Don’t look back and don’t cry. – El – Hajj Malik El – Shabazzz (Malcolm X)

Are you stuck in your first relationship? Your fifth? Your last? Most of us are stuck in the memory, ideals, pain or trauma of a past relationship. We hold everyone responsible for the things someone did to us in the yesteryear. We cant’ seem to put the baggage down, overcome the disapointment or forgive the past. And we cant figure out why we end up in a similar relationship, the identical situation or with a broken heart. What we draw to ourselves is what we pointed or lonely, we will attract mates who will bring more of what we already are. We can only draw to ourselves the beings on our ray. If our ray is dark and dismal we will attract our reflection. If we want to move beyond the pain of past relationships, we must stop crying about them. Stop thinking about them. Stop drawing them to us. Forgive, let go and move on. When we move beyond where we are, the past cannot follow.

Read this, say this mean this:

I’m moving up, out and beyond.


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