Acts of Faith

——- JULY 12 ——

If you are having a bad day, get another one and get it quick. – Rissie Harriss

If you are having a bad day, it is a personal problem the world does not have to deal with. If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, it’s no one’s fault but your own. If it is that time of the week, month or year for you, what would you have the world do? It is never an excuse for being rude, cruel or abusive to anyone, to simply say, “I am having a bad day”. It is not appropriate to scream, swear, lash out or do things that have no place among civilized people because “you have something else on your mind.” We cannot abuse or traumatize others because we are facing a challenge. LIFE IS A CHALLENGE! African tradition tells us that it does not matter what difficulties we face. Our worth is measured by how we face those difficulties. If we are to grow and reach our fullest potential, we have no time to waste on bad days.


 Today is a new day. I refuse to get off to a bad start.


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