Acts of Faith

No investigation. No right to speak. – Confucious

Very often we find ourselves involved in conversations of the “he said, she” variety. We may not know the parties involved or we may have heard some other version of the same story from another source. The sad thing is we use this informations as the basis for our opinions and interactions with the people involved. There’s an old African saying, “Ears don’t pass head,” which means we should never let what goes into out ears override good common sense. Common sense tell us we should accept people for who they are based on our individual experience with them. All too often the side of the story that is not told is the other person’s side. It is in our best interests to give everyone a fair start, regardless of what we have heard about them. We should make our own mental inventory, identify any negative experiences we have had. If there are none, we should commit ourselves to be open and deal with people as they deal with us.


I am willing to give everyone a fresh start


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