Acts of Faith

Each time we have sex we must be innocent and open – Ebun Adelona

Sexual intercourse ia an act of profoud creation. It is the meshing and wevaing together of the Mother/ Father force of the Creator. Whatever we hold in our heart the Mother and our mind the Father, during the sexual act will be created in our ilives. Sex in anger will create angry words and angry situations that must be resolved. If we are in denial about ourselves, who we are or who our mate truly is in out life, then sex will create denial in the relationship. Sex in self sacrifice will create a doormat. Whoever makes the sacrifice will be walked on. Sex in confusion creates chaos and more confusion about how and why we want sex. Unconscious sex, doing it just to be doing it, creates violation in the subconscious mind. When we create children during misguided intercourse, the child brings to life the state of our being at that time of the act. We can heal and strengthen ourselves during conscious sexual activity, but we must know what we are doing and why.

Sexual intercourse is a creative expression in which I fully participate.


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