Acts of Faith -I Am free to be a sexual being.

Everything, even darkness and silence has its wonders. – Helen Keller

A history of abuse and labeling has created a tremendous strain on the sexual consciousness of people of color. The ancestral memory of being labeled as animals to be studded and bred has made us fearful of our sexuality. What we must accept and learn to understand is that we can be sexual and be spiritual. Even in the abuses of the past, people of color were capable of loving and sharing that love through sexual expression. We prayed for our freedom and the safety of our lives, and we still made love. Although the abuses have changed, any of out fears have not. Right now, there are many people of color who become anxious, nervous and uncomfortable in conversations about sex. We do it, but we hide it. We make jokes about it in private; we tell stories about it in secret; when it comes to talking ans sharing openly about sex, we shy away. Try this. Sex is wonderful. Sex is good. I like sex. Sex likes me. But don’t take my word for it; try it yourself-with the lights on.

I Am free to be a sexual being.


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