Looking through old vids and photos

Its crazy to me how relationships change with friends. Some people I truly do miss having around. I always keep in mind that for some reason, some people are meant to be around for a certain period of time. Some longer than others. Each person comes with a message and a learning experience. Some pieces aren’t worth putting back together. You just have to find away to be thankful for what WASI’ve said it before but again, Life is too short for petty drama. It may be hard to forgive but you have to find it deep within yourself to. Forgiving, letting go & putting a situation in god’s hands will help you prosper. Being bitter and blaming others won’t! This is a message to mainly the people I use to be close with and we slowly grew apart. For what its worth whatever came between us, I still think of old times and even if we no longer talk, I will always remember the good times we shared.


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