Assimilation of Celtic Culture

This semester I am loving my classes. Being at a liberal arts college really was one of the best decisions for me. I am comfortable and really more and more conforming to the idea of being well rounded. In high school, I always was in a plethora of clubs and played sports, etc. However, being here and getting involved on campus really puts me in my element. The feeling of meeting new people and being constantly busy gives me an unexplainable high.

 Anywho, today in my IDS class, which is a literature and psychological perspective of certain topics conjoined, we talked about celtic culture and their beliefs. The concept of being a community was mainly what they based everything upon. In multiple ways, their culture reminded me of Native American- Indians. In a sense of assimilation they came together as one and held ceremonies to celebrate good times and bad. Here’s where my rebutal came in. Celtics believed that everything that made them, as far as their prosperity,knowledge and inspiration was based on what they rely on. In other words, they considered a higher being/holy spirit to be their sovereignty. (The center or grounding). My professor said that sense they believed it was something not physical it could not be something intangible. I disagree! My belief in God is very strong but for me, my family is my sovereignty. I am very family oriented, with just one person being absent, the way it is now would change forever. As an only child and the youngest of my immediate family, when they pass I’ll be left by myself. I feel that by then I’ll have my own family. It won’t necessarily fill the void but then they will become my sovereignty. So although decades have passed and beliefs have changed, why can’t sovereignty in a person’s life be something that is intangible? If it’s mainly based on the idea of having something there unexplainable to lean on when no one else is there than wouldn’t that transcend into religion? The culture alone is very interesting, it makes me wonder how different today would be if we lived our lives through their visions.

Just random thoughts on the topic, but I really enjoyed todays class. 


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