I have been repeatedly going back and forth with myself questioning my singleness. Is it what I want? , am I too independent?, even the thought of settling for what I know is not fully what I deserve has come to mind. However, I enjoy being the way I am. I wouldn’t go as far as labeling it, “alone” because I don’t feel lonely all the time. I guess in some cases the idea having someone there is comforting, but I don’t want just anyone.

I read Judges 16 which was the story of Samson and Delilah.People may have their own interpretations of the story but in my opinion Samson compromised his calling and gave into Delilah that knew she could destroy him. This made me realize that a woman today can go through the same thing. If a women who doesn’t come to reality about her singleness and allow the Lord to satisfy her need for love, she’ll compromise her calling and give it all away. It all comes down to keeping faith and not compromising it. No relationship with any other person should should cause us to lose our christian values. Being single and separate is far, yet far is better than being married or with someone that can cause you to be disillusioned.

I may add more to this post later but this a brief thought for now.


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