Today I Will Feel One Thing At One Time

Around Some time last year while being home on one of my college breaks, I came across a book in my book case, Acts of Faith by Iyanla Vanzant. The book is full of both inspirational and biblical words expressed through quotes and passages for everyday throughout the year. It encourages spiritual heritage and a sense of self. I read a passage this morning that I thought I would share. I highly recommend purchasing this book!Image

No man can serve two masters… or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. – Matthew 6:24

You cannot love while hating, progress while oppressing, come together in disunity, build while tearing down, join while separating, understand while not listening, give while withholding, create while destroying, overcome while in fear. It is simply impossible! People of color must make a choice: Either we accept what we believe others are doing to us, or reject it and do something else. If we love each other as a foundation for our own progress, we do not have to worry about others hating us or our hating them back, If we work with everyone for human good, giving what we can to create what we want, we will not be disturbed by what anyone attempts to keep from us. If we stand on the faith of our ability to survive, it does not matter who is out to destroy us. If we celebrate, support and nourish ourselves, we will not need anyone else to do it for us.

Today I feel one thing at one time.


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