Learn about Managing Coily Textured Hair

Are you all natural with coily hair?

Do you sometimes get discouraged when trying to style your hair?


If you think either of these question may apply to you and you want to learn about more styling tips take a look at this post I wrote for Black Naps. A natural hair website featuring beauty tips, fashion, culture and a host of other things.


Enjoy the article!


8 thoughts on “Learn about Managing Coily Textured Hair

    • I agree she is and that is great! About a year ago I transitioned from permed hair and went natural. I think that women of color with this texture of hair should learn to love their natural hair for what it is. Beauty is limitless!

      • Absolutely! I find that some of the beauty standards in America’s world of fashion and film to be lacking in regards to diversity and creativity. Marsha Hunt and Pam Grier were some of the most gorgeous women of their time!

      • Very true! I am not too familiar with Marsha Hunt but Pam Grier was and still is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

      • For sure! Marsha Hunt was a singer, model, and actress during the 1930’s who challenged the status quo and ended up being blacklisted rom Hollywood in the 1950’s. I wish someone would do a film about her. She was beautiful,extremely intelligent and brave. A true inspiration.

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