Jastastic Finds

Jastastic Finds

TMC Libby Biarritz Headphones, Salon Effects and Wet n Wild glitter nail polish.

I am a bargain shopper! Why should I spend more for an item that I can find for less with just as good quality?

These three items in the picture above I purchased at Five Below. Although I think Beats by Dr. Dre are cool and are an “in trend,”¬†spending over $300 for them it not something I’m willing to pay. I purchased the Libby Biarritz headphones for a weekend trip I was taking to Florida and wanted to block out noise from people on the plane. The quality of sound they produce is great and they come in neat decorative designs! Definitely a good buy! You can’t beat it for 5 bucks!

For the girls who are on the go, love cool nail designs and want something that will last. Salon effects are good investment. I purchased the Salon Effects color, Groove and painted a simple glitter polish on top and it turned out great. There are two things I disliked about this nail product though. Fitting them properly your nails can be a task if you have large nail beds and removing the color does take more time than it should.


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