Magna Nails


Magna Nails is a product that I have seen on tv and could not believe that it would actually work. I recently purchased the Magnetic Nail Polish and guess what? IT WORKS!!

The kit includes 4 Magnet nail designs and 4 Bottles of Magnetic Nail Polishes. The Elements Collection┬áincluded were Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. It took me at least two tries to get the designs to show up but I realized the trick is you can’t be stingy with the polish on your nails. You need a good amount on your brush and surprisingly you do not need a second coat. In just two simple steps, applying the polish and holding the magnet over your nail to get the magnetized effect you’re all done!!

I used Smoother Nails by NK as base coat, Essie: Case Study (One of my favorite Nude polishes) and the Magna Nail color: Earth.Image

These are my results. I realized I could have held the magnet over my nails longer but it’s very faint and simple!


I also practiced the Fire color on my mother’s nails. Next time, I will definitely be doing all my fingers. I loved the results!!ImageImage


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