Phone Case Review

I love a good bargain!!

Especially for small items like phone cases, I refuse to buy a phone case for $20.

I purchased a phone case and color series screen protector from Five Below and I am a happy customer!!


The case is a kickstand rugged case that features a rugged dual layer and an the case is impact-absorbing. Just what I needed for all of my clumsy moments. The highlighter colors are just in time for summer and the built-in kick stand is a definite plus.


I have purchased cases from Five Below prior to this one. However, they were the “cutesy” cases that just literally look cute and did nothing to protect my phone. With this case, I didn’t have to spend and are and a leg or wait for shipping from Amazon.

The Color Series Premium Screen Protector is a product I seen on Amazon, as well as a deal on Living Social. Five Below has about 8 assorted colors for both the Galaxy S3 and iPhones.

The shield adds style to your phone, its scratch proof and the packaging includes a lint-free cloth and squeegee to make sure you have a smooth application.

Such a great product!!! Image


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