Relaxation at Home

All women, no matter what their age is, wants to feel and look good!

Finding free time between busy work days, meetings, etc. can make it hard to find time for you! However, finding time to pamper yourself, if you didn’t already know is essential.

This week after feeling a tad bit under the weather, I was on a search to find some simple products that would help relax me.

ImageThis review is on Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask and Care One’s Gel Mask.

I was shopping in my local supermarket and as always, I ventured over to the beauty section to browse through nail polishes, hair products, soaps and well I couldn’t miss this bright green bottle and was overjoyed to find a gel mask to replace the old one that I couldn’t find at home.

The CareOne Gel Mask fits perfect and was a great help to relieving a migraine I had during the previous week. With these the brand doesn’t matter, they all work just as good.


Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask applied.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask is a product specializes in drawing out any extra oil or dirt and unclogs pores. Happy to say it did just that!! My skin gets very oily and since with summer comes heat, sweating is at an all time high. I purchased this product in hopes that it would give me a deep clean feeling and become a routine product I could use at the end of every week to help me feel more relaxed.


After the removal of the clay mask.

The product is very lightly scented and has a slight tingling sensation when applying it on. The mask has Vitamin E and added Oatmeal, but the texture is very smooth. Usually when facials are done, the mask is not placed pass the eyebrows. As a first time using this product, I chose to cover all the areas of my face to combat my oily skin. Freeman has many other skin and body care products that I’m looking  forward to trying.

Be sure to grab this off the shelf if you’re looking for a product that will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. I spent around 8 bucks for both products.


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