BH Cosmetics Summer Steal Special

If you love make up or even are a beginner in the make up world, you will love this post!!!


I have been playing around in my mom’s make up for as far back I can remember. In highschool, I was given my first eyeshadow palette that I used for theatre purposes. When that palette ran out, I never got around to purchasing a new one. I used mini eyeshadow cases from avon, my local drugstores and cvs. This palette blows my old one out the water!!



My new 120 palette from BH Cosmetics is absolutely beautiful and what makes it even more stunning is I purchased it on sale. BH Cosmetics was having a Summer Steal sale last week and I purchased this 120 palette that came with a 12 piece brush set for $19.99!! THAT IS A STEAL!! Amazing colors AND brushes, you can’t beat that!



I also ordered BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic lipgloss for $3.50. Fabulous is the word for this gloss! When applied, it has a very light purple hue and glides on so smooth! Its not sticky and it lasts long.


BH Cosmetics is truly a great company! It was my first time purchasing items from them and I  plan to continue making cosmetic product purchases. I am very pleased with the products I received and the fast shipping process!

The company always has great specials, I reccommend checking out the site!!


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