Do you ask the MAGIC question?


Let me start by saying that Lancome products are divine!

The company’s beauty products are on the pricey side but worth every penny. Regardless of where you buy your beauty products, my number one suggestion for you is to ask the magic question!


Last week, I ventured over to the Lancome counter, I asked the magic question and well, all the items in the above picture are the samples I received.

2 lipsticks: WANNABE (left) and PRETTY BURGUNDY (right)

1 Black/Noir High Definition Mascara

1 High Resolution Eye Cream

1 Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Gel Cream

imageI was extremely excited about the two lipsticks! They both are two beautiful colors to add to my growing collection.

Next time you’re shopping for make up, stop at your nearest counter and ask the MAGIC QUESTION!!

If they have anything available, you will have wonderful products to try and possibly buy at a later date!

Which color would you wear?



4th of July Nail Fun

With the Independence Day Holiday being tomorrow, I am sure everyone has prepared outfits and is getting ready for a fun, filled weekend of festivities. From cookouts, to fireworks, to festivals… your great outfit deserves to be paired with holiday themed nails!!

I came up with 4 quick and fun nail designs that some of you may like!Image







Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these 🙂

Don’t suffer from dry hair, Deep Condition!!

How often do you deep condition your hair?

One thing I have realized is that my natural hair gets extremely dry. Some products my hair seem to soak up like a sponge, while others seem to be like water and oil. My hair gives me the “UH UHH, that’s not gonna work,” and the product gets put far back in my cabinet and never used again.

Leave in conditioners and moisturizers like, Cantu Shea Butter’s Leave in, Cantu Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer, Bio Infusion Olive Oil shine serum, as well as regular olive oil are all products that have kept my hair moisturized for a long time when used. My main concern is to keep my hair healthy and able to retain as much moisture as possible. Moisture helps retain length and overall gives my hair a more appealing look.

My newest product review is on Olive Cholesterol by Hollywood Beauty. The product is specifically made to condition and shine hair. Anything with olive oil is always a win, win for me!! This product is lightly scented, creamy and left my hair feeling super soft and more manageable. How did I apply this product? I simply applied the product from my roots, to my ends and covered my head with a plastic shower cap for 10-15 minutes. Next, I shampooed my hair and applied a leave in conditioner. I will be adding this product to my hair regimen as a deep conditioner, and using it at least 3 to 4 times a month.

Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol.

Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol.

Relaxation at Home

All women, no matter what their age is, wants to feel and look good!

Finding free time between busy work days, meetings, etc. can make it hard to find time for you! However, finding time to pamper yourself, if you didn’t already know is essential.

This week after feeling a tad bit under the weather, I was on a search to find some simple products that would help relax me.

ImageThis review is on Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask and Care One’s Gel Mask.

I was shopping in my local supermarket and as always, I ventured over to the beauty section to browse through nail polishes, hair products, soaps and well I couldn’t miss this bright green bottle and was overjoyed to find a gel mask to replace the old one that I couldn’t find at home.

The CareOne Gel Mask fits perfect and was a great help to relieving a migraine I had during the previous week. With these the brand doesn’t matter, they all work just as good.


Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask applied.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask is a product specializes in drawing out any extra oil or dirt and unclogs pores. Happy to say it did just that!! My skin gets very oily and since with summer comes heat, sweating is at an all time high. I purchased this product in hopes that it would give me a deep clean feeling and become a routine product I could use at the end of every week to help me feel more relaxed.


After the removal of the clay mask.

The product is very lightly scented and has a slight tingling sensation when applying it on. The mask has Vitamin E and added Oatmeal, but the texture is very smooth. Usually when facials are done, the mask is not placed pass the eyebrows. As a first time using this product, I chose to cover all the areas of my face to combat my oily skin. Freeman has many other skin and body care products that I’m looking  forward to trying.

Be sure to grab this off the shelf if you’re looking for a product that will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. I spent around 8 bucks for both products.

Favorite Make up quickies


My favorite Quick Make up items and Products: Brushes, an eye lash curler, mascara, eyeliners and foundation.

When I do use make up, I like to go for a more natural look.

Make up should enhance your features and make you feel beautiful in your own skin.

This picture above shows a few products I use. These items are my “make-up quickies.” I do have times where I take 5 years to put make up on, but I have been trying to find a way to be done in 8 minutes or less. For those who were thinking I should have said 5… I am still working on it!


FIT ME 350 by Mabelline and Mineralize SkinFinish Natural by M.A.C.

M.A.C products are simply amazing! The product shown is in the photograph is Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Dark Deep) by M.A.C. Its one of my personal favorites because its light and when I do wear it, its almost as if I have nothing on! It creates a more softened look and gives my skin a glow effect, similar to bronzer. This product is definitely a summer necessity! Lets face it no one wants to deal with runny make up!! You can wear this product by itself and be content!

FIT Me 350 by Maybelline is another good make up product. The color shown in the photo is Caramel. The product is a foundation that blends very well, doesn’t feel sticky on my skin and also feels extremely light. I have never been a fan of foundation but this is one that I use around my eyes, above my upper lip and on my chin. I have not been able to find a color that matches my exact skin tone in this product, so I use this as my highlighting addition.


Final Look after applying my “Make-up Quickies.”

I don’t always use the two products together but when I do, my skin looks amazing!The other four items that are shown in the first photograph are Cover Girl brow and eye makers pencil/crayon (Midnight Brown), E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner (Black), Lash Out Mascara by LOREAL (Blackest Black), and Liquif’eye metallic eye liner pencil by Milani. All of these products were used it create the look in my final photograph. The lipstick I’m wearing is Hot Toddy by BRUCCI.


My Perspective On Being Natural

So I’ve only been natural for 3 weeks (Yeah I know I’m a newbie) but in that short period of time my outlook on multiple things have changed so much! Besides eating differently, trying new styles clothing and hair wise, and fully embracing all of me with no chemical restraints. I have had to deal with hearing other people’s personal opinions of my hair, which to be honest I’m growing to careless about.

People for some reason do not like to see other people happy and what’s even worse is, people still are stuck on the idea that beauty is everything that media portrays. Since majority of african american women in today’s media don’t wear their hair natural, I assume that being natural too many is still a culture shock. And it shouldn’t be!

Besides being called Erykah Badu and being segregated as far as good hair and bad hair goes, I have been asked:

Why I would chop off all of my hair?

Do I have to wear a du- rag to sleep?

How am I going to wear my hair after its grown out?

and even Why would I cut my hair if guys like long straight hair?


The first and third question are reasonable but the second and last are obsurd!

I am not a guy and I am not working on maintaining a wave pattern. In addition, my hair is longer then a typical ceaser cut so a du- rag is irrelevant.

And as far as guys liking longer straighter hair. I’ve grown out of the idea of hair making a person because it doesn’t. Regardless of whether you have long tresses or your bald, your still the same person inside and out. Hair is just another thing like make up that can enhance one’s beauty. If a guy or any person for that matter doesn’t accept you or want to be with you because of your hair then you don’t need them! ITS SIMPLE!

No one else can love you more then you love yourself!

If a person is looking for others to give them their opinion for personal satisfaction, then they truly haven’t accepted themselves who they are which is very important.

If your all natural love your hair for what god created it to be!

If your hair is permed, find methods that best suit you!

And if your someone who just did your BIG CHOP, find confidence in your new look and make it work for you!

Think Happy Headed not Nappy Headed : )