What’s New in my Camera Bag

After returning home from college a month and a half ago I haven’t taken as much photographs as I would like. Between all the packing I seemed to have misplaced my camera charger which S U C K S! So, I decided to order a new one and a few other things. One of my uncle’s also let me borrow his tripod! So I can put off buying one for a while.

From Amazon I purchased:

  • A Flower Lens Hood
  • The Compact Wall Charger *which includes a car charger :-)*
  • The NEWWER 160 LED Light *includes a soft diffuser and 2 filters*


I cannot wait to use the flower lens attachment, especially the LED light. I will try and post a review when the delivery arrives. Eventually I want to purchase Portrait Umbrellas, a Lighting Kit, and a L Bracket with at least 2 shoe mount to add a microphone.


Art Gallery Submission

I took a film photography course this semester and my professor required the class to submit a photo of the photographs we took during the semester.┬áThe 2012 Annual Juried Student Art Show takes place on Friday, May 4th. I decided to submit all 4 in hopes that at least one of them will be posted in my college’s art gallery. Each of the photos were all photographed around my campus. For the last 2 photos I used a pin hole camera. Excuse the cropping of the photos that have a closer view of the individual photos, the matte board was not vertically placed correctly and I was trying my best to crop out the carpet.

A Photo Worth A Thousand Words

Every now and then I come to a point where I feel overwhelmed by all the activities I’m engaged in at school. If that’s even what’s really bothering me subconsciously. Usually, that time comes at the end of the semester for me, but holding the various amount of positions I have at school can become a bit much at times. It’s hard to find alone time to focus on myself. However, keeping busy is what keeps my mind off of things I would worry about that I can’t control.

Above is a photo I took sometime in December when I was back home in New York for Winter Break. I live along the Hudson River and in my town whenever I need to free my mind I usually come here. Just thought I would share the photo and introduce you to a place that gives me peace. Although I can’t be there physically, I’m amazed at how much a picture can do!