I have created a new blog and wanted to share the web address with all of you! I am so excited to be able to share posts from my own official website. There is still more changes that need to be done but here is the good news!

Follow my NEW BLOG by visiting the website 

Twitter: Jastalk2

Instagram: JasTalk


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to talking with you on JASTalk!!



I wanted to make a blog to empower and inspire women. The site is still under construction but feel free to follow, submit inspiring poems and stories that I will post and also look forward to new posts. 

My new inspirational blog


Finally figured out what I’m doing with my old blog. I’m going to make it all about natural hair and my hair journey. I originally was going to that on here but obviously things changed. Tumblr will be pretty much everything I find interesting and my thoughts. For all my followers that are natural newbies and those that are interested just because, I’ll let you know when its complete.

Ahh so excited *does a happy dance*


So I’ve decided that I’m going to keep my old blog on blogspot and combine the two. One will be strictly about me and the things I find interesting and the other will be all about my natural hair journey and admiration for other’s with natural hair.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make my old blog better let me know. (


If you know how I can place the link for my blogspot on my tumblr as a separate page, let me know as well!

Peace & JAZZ : )