BH Cosmetics Summer Steal Special

If you love make up or even are a beginner in the make up world, you will love this post!!!


I have been playing around in my mom’s make up for as far back I can remember. In highschool, I was given my first eyeshadow palette that I used for theatre purposes. When that palette ran out, I never got around to purchasing a new one. I used mini eyeshadow cases from avon, my local drugstores and cvs. This palette blows my old one out the water!!
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Summer Shimmer


This week’s paint jobĀ is in preparation for an upcoming interview that I have, toward the end of the week. I did not want to fall back on my safety colors of a neutral or pale pink, so I went for a more nude concept. Sephora by O.P.I ‘s “I Only Shop Vintage.” Continue reading

Purple Craze: Something New

Please excuse my toe. I recently scraped it really bad after tripping up a cement set of stairs. Yes, I said, “Tripping up a set of stairs,” Its okay to laugh, I can’t hear you. Ha ha

Any way, despite that, I went and got a pedicure the other day and decided to try a different color than the usual pink and mandarin polishes. I have a slight obsessions with Essie colors and after trying these I may have to add them to my spring nail lacquer addiction.


Lilacism and No More Film are both colors by Essie that I picked with a gold lining separating the two colors.

ImageDo you like these colors?