Its a Confetti Nail Party!

If you can’t be at a party, bring the party to you!

Charlotte Russe‘s Nail Polish line, Love Charlotte has some of the prettiest colors for this season. I purchased a pastel peach polish and a gel polish with assorted colored confetti sparkles.


Charlotte Russe’s Love, Charlotte Nail Polish. ( Peach and Confetti)

The pastel peach polish is a lovely color but unfortunately, I had to use 3 coats to get the look I wanted. My first coat of the pastel peach polish was streaky and extremely light!!!

The Gel Confetti Polish is not the gel polish that can be done at the nail salon but it does have a gel consistency, that I adore!! I plan on trying to use this polish by itself. The light pink tint with the assorted confetti sparkles are simply beautiful! I think it looks better in the bottle!


I am not happy with the results, but the confetti effect does remind me of a party theme!


Love Charlotte’s Pastel Peach Polish and Confetti Polish applied.



Minty Fresh


This week's paint job!

Retro Mint by Wet N Wild and Paris by Julep

Water Marble: A Burst of Blue


Marble technique

After posting Nail Lacquer Addiction, I was followed by Shannon, I browsed throughout her blog and found some amazing make up cosmetics that I wanted to purchase and this really neat step by step process on doing Water Marble nails. I had to press this post because I was almost tempted to remove my current color and give it a try, plus I thought other readers would enjoy it. Can’t wait to try this!   Water Marble: A Burst of Blue.

Nail Lacquer Addiction

I have a slight pet peeve with chipped nails, which results in me frequently having to change my nail polish color. Here are a few colors I haven’t been able to stay away from this Spring.

The color above is Wild Child by Funky Fingers.

The colors below from left to right are: Secret Story, Tart Deco, Case Study, and Borrowed & Blue. All nail lacquers are by Essie.

Do you have any nail polish color addictions?