Its a Confetti Nail Party!

If you can’t be at a party, bring the party to you!

Charlotte Russe‘s Nail Polish line, Love Charlotte has some of the prettiest colors for this season. I purchased a pastel peach polish and a gel polish with assorted colored confetti sparkles.


Charlotte Russe’s Love, Charlotte Nail Polish. ( Peach and Confetti)

The pastel peach polish is a lovely color but unfortunately, I had to use 3 coats to get the look I wanted. My first coat of the pastel peach polish was streaky and extremely light!!!

The Gel Confetti Polish is not the gel polish that can be done at the nail salon but it does have a gel consistency, that I adore!! I plan on trying to use this polish by itself. The light pink tint with the assorted confetti sparkles are simply beautiful! I think it looks better in the bottle!


I am not happy with the results, but the confetti effect does remind me of a party theme!


Love Charlotte’s Pastel Peach Polish and Confetti Polish applied.



Minty Fresh


This week's paint job!

Retro Mint by Wet N Wild and Paris by Julep

A Box of Goodies from Julep


Who can deny a box full of goodies?


Last week I received this wonderful box from Julep and could not wait to post my review!

Julep is a women empowering company, that specializes in making women connect and feel great about themselves through their products. I ordered the Bombshell box and received two nail polishes, cuticle oil and a hand cream packet. Here is the best part, I received a $20 value box for $3.99, ALL BECAUSE JULEP HAD A BOX SPECIAL!!! This box was my intro/subscription box for the month of June.

I only payed for shipping!!!! 🙂


Julep nail colors: Natasha and Paris, cuticle oil and Rock Star Hand Cream.

I absolutely love Julep’s polishes. They paint on very smoothly and dry in no time!! The Bombshell Box is just my style. I love a good bright color and an added touch of sparkle to just about anything. The cuticle oil is has a light fragrance smell and provides an easy application with a rolling ball and the hand cream is very moisturizing. Just what’s needed for these hot and dry summer days.

If you become a Maven (member) at, you can purchase a box and have one shipped to you automatically every month for $20.00. I was considering ordering just this one box and canceling my subscription, but I love the polishes so much that I am anxious to see what arrives in my next box this month!

The site also sells single polishes, beauty and body products and many other amazing sets.

Alysha, one of my close college friend’s, told me about this site and the special box offer and since I received it, I could not be any happier with the results and company! My friend is a blogger and shares great posts on finding jobs, interview/work outfits, beauty tips in preparation for work and other information regarding corporate jobs. Check out and follow Alysha’s blog at:

I definitely can say this company is good at connecting women and providing fabulous nail colors to brighten up any day!

Thank you Alysha and thank you Julep!!



4th of July Nail Fun

With the Independence Day Holiday being tomorrow, I am sure everyone has prepared outfits and is getting ready for a fun, filled weekend of festivities. From cookouts, to fireworks, to festivals… your great outfit deserves to be paired with holiday themed nails!!

I came up with 4 quick and fun nail designs that some of you may like!Image







Hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!!

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these 🙂

Jastastic Finds

Jastastic Finds

TMC Libby Biarritz Headphones, Salon Effects and Wet n Wild glitter nail polish.

I am a bargain shopper! Why should I spend more for an item that I can find for less with just as good quality?

These three items in the picture above I purchased at Five Below. Although I think Beats by Dr. Dre are cool and are an “in trend,” spending over $300 for them it not something I’m willing to pay. I purchased the Libby Biarritz headphones for a weekend trip I was taking to Florida and wanted to block out noise from people on the plane. The quality of sound they produce is great and they come in neat decorative designs! Definitely a good buy! You can’t beat it for 5 bucks!

For the girls who are on the go, love cool nail designs and want something that will last. Salon effects are good investment. I purchased the Salon Effects color, Groove and painted a simple glitter polish on top and it turned out great. There are two things I disliked about this nail product though. Fitting them properly your nails can be a task if you have large nail beds and removing the color does take more time than it should.

Purple Craze: Something New

Please excuse my toe. I recently scraped it really bad after tripping up a cement set of stairs. Yes, I said, “Tripping up a set of stairs,” Its okay to laugh, I can’t hear you. Ha ha

Any way, despite that, I went and got a pedicure the other day and decided to try a different color than the usual pink and mandarin polishes. I have a slight obsessions with Essie colors and after trying these I may have to add them to my spring nail lacquer addiction.


Lilacism and No More Film are both colors by Essie that I picked with a gold lining separating the two colors.

ImageDo you like these colors?