The Little Black Dress Glow

ImageDress: H&M || Sweater: Charlotte Russe || Bag: Gucci || Shoes: Target || Watch Ring: Futura


Image IMG_8759

It doesn’t take much to dress up a little black dress! I used neutral colors of brown, gold and beige to bring this look to life. Wearing a simple black dress doesn’t have to look like your last outfit alternative. Create an effortless glow! Add in lighter colors and make your little black dress fun! This is an ideal look that allows you to shine and glow without the use bright summer colors!


How To: Coil Bantu Knots

A few people have been interested in knowing how I do my twist outs on my natural hair. I use to use the two strand twist method and then bantu knot the twists, but recently I have been using a different method. Here is a photographed step by step tutorial of me taking the knots out. Continue reading

Learn about Managing Coily Textured Hair

Are you all natural with coily hair?

Do you sometimes get discouraged when trying to style your hair?


If you think either of these question may apply to you and you want to learn about more styling tips take a look at this post I wrote for Black Naps. A natural hair website featuring beauty tips, fashion, culture and a host of other things.

Enjoy the article!

1 Year Natural Anniversary

Today marks one year since my big chop. I could not be any happier with the decision I made to go natural. Going natural allowed me to accept all that I am and grow even more within myself. I have loved every minute of this year long journey of growing into a better, healthier me. And the best part is the journey continues.