The Little Black Dress Glow

ImageDress: H&M || Sweater: Charlotte Russe || Bag: Gucci || Shoes: Target || Watch Ring: Futura


Image IMG_8759

It doesn’t take much to dress up a little black dress! I used neutral colors of brown, gold and beige to bring this look to life. Wearing a simple black dress doesn’t have to look like your last outfit alternative. Create an effortless glow! Add in lighter colors and make your little black dress fun! This is an ideal look that allows you to shine and glow without the use bright summer colors!


Do you ask the MAGIC question?


Let me start by saying that Lancome products are divine!

The company’s beauty products are on the pricey side but worth every penny. Regardless of where you buy your beauty products, my number one suggestion for you is to ask the magic question!


Last week, I ventured over to the Lancome counter, I asked the magic question and well, all the items in the above picture are the samples I received.

2 lipsticks: WANNABE (left) and PRETTY BURGUNDY (right)

1 Black/Noir High Definition Mascara

1 High Resolution Eye Cream

1 Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate Gel Cream

imageI was extremely excited about the two lipsticks! They both are two beautiful colors to add to my growing collection.

Next time you’re shopping for make up, stop at your nearest counter and ask the MAGIC QUESTION!!

If they have anything available, you will have wonderful products to try and possibly buy at a later date!

Which color would you wear?


A Box of Goodies from Julep


Who can deny a box full of goodies?


Last week I received this wonderful box from Julep and could not wait to post my review!

Julep is a women empowering company, that specializes in making women connect and feel great about themselves through their products. I ordered the Bombshell box and received two nail polishes, cuticle oil and a hand cream packet. Here is the best part, I received a $20 value box for $3.99, ALL BECAUSE JULEP HAD A BOX SPECIAL!!! This box was my intro/subscription box for the month of June.

I only payed for shipping!!!! 🙂


Julep nail colors: Natasha and Paris, cuticle oil and Rock Star Hand Cream.

I absolutely love Julep’s polishes. They paint on very smoothly and dry in no time!! The Bombshell Box is just my style. I love a good bright color and an added touch of sparkle to just about anything. The cuticle oil is has a light fragrance smell and provides an easy application with a rolling ball and the hand cream is very moisturizing. Just what’s needed for these hot and dry summer days.

If you become a Maven (member) at, you can purchase a box and have one shipped to you automatically every month for $20.00. I was considering ordering just this one box and canceling my subscription, but I love the polishes so much that I am anxious to see what arrives in my next box this month!

The site also sells single polishes, beauty and body products and many other amazing sets.

Alysha, one of my close college friend’s, told me about this site and the special box offer and since I received it, I could not be any happier with the results and company! My friend is a blogger and shares great posts on finding jobs, interview/work outfits, beauty tips in preparation for work and other information regarding corporate jobs. Check out and follow Alysha’s blog at:

I definitely can say this company is good at connecting women and providing fabulous nail colors to brighten up any day!

Thank you Alysha and thank you Julep!!



Relaxation at Home

All women, no matter what their age is, wants to feel and look good!

Finding free time between busy work days, meetings, etc. can make it hard to find time for you! However, finding time to pamper yourself, if you didn’t already know is essential.

This week after feeling a tad bit under the weather, I was on a search to find some simple products that would help relax me.

ImageThis review is on Freeman’s Facial Clay Mask and Care One’s Gel Mask.

I was shopping in my local supermarket and as always, I ventured over to the beauty section to browse through nail polishes, hair products, soaps and well I couldn’t miss this bright green bottle and was overjoyed to find a gel mask to replace the old one that I couldn’t find at home.

The CareOne Gel Mask fits perfect and was a great help to relieving a migraine I had during the previous week. With these the brand doesn’t matter, they all work just as good.


Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask applied.

The Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask is a product specializes in drawing out any extra oil or dirt and unclogs pores. Happy to say it did just that!! My skin gets very oily and since with summer comes heat, sweating is at an all time high. I purchased this product in hopes that it would give me a deep clean feeling and become a routine product I could use at the end of every week to help me feel more relaxed.


After the removal of the clay mask.

The product is very lightly scented and has a slight tingling sensation when applying it on. The mask has Vitamin E and added Oatmeal, but the texture is very smooth. Usually when facials are done, the mask is not placed pass the eyebrows. As a first time using this product, I chose to cover all the areas of my face to combat my oily skin. Freeman has many other skin and body care products that I’m looking  forward to trying.

Be sure to grab this off the shelf if you’re looking for a product that will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. I spent around 8 bucks for both products.

What’s New in my Camera Bag

After returning home from college a month and a half ago I haven’t taken as much photographs as I would like. Between all the packing I seemed to have misplaced my camera charger which S U C K S! So, I decided to order a new one and a few other things. One of my uncle’s also let me borrow his tripod! So I can put off buying one for a while.

From Amazon I purchased:

  • A Flower Lens Hood
  • The Compact Wall Charger *which includes a car charger :-)*
  • The NEWWER 160 LED Light *includes a soft diffuser and 2 filters*


I cannot wait to use the flower lens attachment, especially the LED light. I will try and post a review when the delivery arrives. Eventually I want to purchase Portrait Umbrellas, a Lighting Kit, and a L Bracket with at least 2 shoe mount to add a microphone.

What I picked up in D.C.

Went to D.C. today which was nice because I haven’t been there since Obama’s Inauguration. It rained the entire day but I went HAM in the African Art Museum gift shop, The Smithsonian gift shop and the 3 floored Forever 21 I stumbled upon. 

  • African inspired jewelry
  • a button inspired ring
  • a new bag
  • beige racerback top